You are an expert in a particular marketing segment such as Business, Personal Coaching, Equine or… You are able to develop matching content modules for your application, which is marketed with your own brand name. Scalin is delivering the engine, the technology, like the engine in a Formula 1 racing car. With this car you are definitely going to win the race…


Scalin is offering you high-level support and training to make your business successful, to constantly innovate your application, implementing your ideas and the ideas, questions and improvements of your customers.

Since Scalin is an on-line service platform, updates will be fast, frequent and continuously innovating, also because of your ideas and input.

Users can cooperate on different levels, in a company, a research project, in agri/agro and so on, always improving and extending their knowledge and insights in the database, which is acting as a growing knowledge base.

So if you are willing to join us with this state of the art technology of the 21st century, please contact us for further information


SCALIN is active in the following segments:

  • Business coaching
  • Sports coaching
  • Horse care
  • Husbandry
  • Agriculture
  • Water care
  • Environmental care
  • Health care
  • Sustainable educational gaming technology, product and process innovation
  • Research and Development